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Clinic Concept

Best Balance between Patient’s Values, Health Science and Doctor’s Clinical Experience

Patient's Values
Our dedicated and compassionate professional team takes unique patient-centric approach, valuing good communications with patients and their parents throughout the treatments to cater to their needs.

First, patients and the parents are asked to fill out questionnaires to find out the patients’ preferences.

Then, each patient will be offered a tailored treatment with assorted options that best fits the needs.

Key options are available to everyone (No Extra Charge).

  1. Clear Ceramic Brackets at Top Front 6 Teeth

  2. Professional Brushing at each Adjustment

  3. Scientific Pain Relief Program at the beginning

The upgraded options are available for your choice. Our patient centric approach also values patient’s lifestyle. Our clinic offers Clear Aligners (Invisalign), Night and Saturday Clinic, and Fast Track Treatment

Example 1

If a patient would like to avoid extraction of teeth, non-extraction treatment will be offered, as long as it is feasible and not harmful to the patient’s health.

Example 2

If a patient focuses on improvement on facial balance, extraction treatment will be offered to result in beautiful smile and optimal facial balance in addition to straight teeth.

Figure 1.png
Figure 2.png

Health Science

The latest scientific evidence is adopted for treatment by Dr. Hiroshi, who is an assistant professor & instructor at Saint Louis University.

Doctor's Experience
In order to fulfill our mission, treatment is offered only by Dr. Hiroshi, an experienced ABO Board Certified orthodontist, using the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

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