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Pre-Orthodontic Program 
Rising Stars Club
(From about age 6 to 11)


“Prevention is Better than Treatment”

Passive Observation
Without Appliance

The transition from baby to adult teeth is observed to prevent certain bite issues from developingScientific evidence suggests tooth eruption can be sometimes disturbed, resulting in difficult bite issues in the future. 

For example, a top adult canine tooth is sometimes impacted. But, as shown in the images, if a baby canine tooth is extracted before age 11, the tooth eruption direction can be normalized.

Figure 4-2.png
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Active Observation
With Simple Appliance

Space is secured as much as possible using space maintainers as well as to fulfill the same objectives as Passive Observation. This may avoid future extraction of adult teeth.


For example, bottom baby molars are much larger than the adult teeth underneath. As in the images, a simple space maintainer can prevent the back adult molars from shifting forward, taking full advantage of the size difference to unravel crowding at the bottom front teeth.

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